What Better Time to Begin Again!

Over the course of the last year and a half, I’ve started new here several times. Whether it was against my will, inadvertently, or simply to be on my own for a while and away from the negativity, it’s all led here. What better way to begin again than on my birthday in a brand new year.

First matter of business is having cleared myself of emotional burdens, guilt and toxic people with motive. Finally. My daughter and I are happy, healthy and more than ready to kick off the new year free from abuse and manipulation with the strength to move forward in a positive matter. Allowing in what we choose and lifting each other up to face this life together.

So, unfortunately I’ll have to rebuild a new community here having left the past in the past, but hopefully I can create solidarity again within a group of like minded moms, health nuts, teachers, abuse survivors and women!

Take care! Excited to be starting fresh!


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