NOT Your Soulmate!

First and foremost always be an advocate for yourself. If your partner is not advocating FOR YOU but, rather, against you at even these most basic levels, you are not on this earth to share your life with that person, nor they you.

We have all done things in the name of love that others may consider “beneath” themselves, myself included. You can be sure there is no judgment here! But, that aside, begging for the minimum level of any aspect of a relationship is absolutely “ridiculous”.

The act of loving someone, if you find yourself claiming that, requires you to meet basic nurturing of that person AND the relationship. Stop saying it if you can’t do it! And please don’t torture other people this way if you aren’t emotionally available to do so!

I see it, we all see it. It is no one’s responsibility to “wait” for change in a relationship. It is no one’s responsibility to anticipate that an “upgrade” of poor treatment and lack of respect in a relationship will ever come. Sometimes, patience does not serve us as a virtue.

These are things no one should ever beg or wait for. Accept that this is not Your Person because we all deserve the basics and so much more!


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