Why We Write About Covid…

I always hesitate to include the word Covid anywhere here. Because, I know no one wants to hear. They don’t want to read about it. They don’t want to think about it any more than they already are. We all have a million Covid stories, and a million ways it has changed our lives.

We know it’s changed the social landscape. It’s changed careers. It’s infected people who will carry symptoms forever. It’s changed the education system. It’s changed all commerce and travel. It’s changed food. It’s changed families. We know this.

I have to be honest and say that I don’t necessarily enjoy reading anyone elses Covid tales. Who would “enjoy” such a thing? But, I think I have finally started to understand why others want to get their Covid stories out regardless of whether or not there will be acknowledgment or conversation.

Because, it’s cathartic plain and simple.

Because, most of us, want to let others know they aren’t alone.

Because, we don’t want to feel alone. We never want to feel like we are the only one.

And, it is the reality right now. Politics and denial aside, Covid is the reality. You can see it everywhere. And, no, you don’t have to like it. But you do have to be realistic.

It would also be nice if the mocking of a force that’s brought the world to it’s knees wasn’t something the rest of us had to see and hear. Making fun of people in “fear” has become perfectly normal now. I shouldn’t need to remind anyone that denial, itself, is an extremely demonstrative manifestation of fear.

But, I will remind the other camp, on sarcastic soapboxes, that we are not afraid. We are pragmatic. We have compassion and heart for our fellow humans. And we want our lives back. Just like you.

We want normal.

You want normal.

Let’s not let this polarize and divide to the point that we forget we all want the same thing.

No one on this earth is benefitting from the loss of life (yes, it’s absolutely real), and the economy grinding to a halt. The face mask industry wasn’t looking to make a killing (no one is benefitting underhandedly from having us wear masks or be scared not to). Big Pharma wasn’t waiting for this and didn’t plant the virus that would crush the modern world. No, the government isn’t going to force feed you the vaccine. And, realistically, no, no one knows the side effects from it. They can’t. Of that, yes, I am afraid.

I am afraid of getting vaccinated. The difference is, I can say it without denying Covid is real, and without namecalling and judging the fear in others. No matter how it manifests in them.

There are also thousands upon thousands in loud “denial” of Covid, who rushed to be some of the first vaccinated. I have nothing to say about this….because I know we are all afraid. And none of us know exactly what to do or how to act.

We all have a story.

We are all affected.

All sides. All beliefs. All parties. All religions. All genders. All races.

So, yeah…that’s pretty scary. Not shameful. Don’t try to be a hero. Everyone is affected. Somehow. We know this. It is a fact.

The quicker we stop calling each other out (honestly, where lies the point in this!?) and embrace that we are all differently struggling through the same pandemic, the sooner we can get back to that normal we are all missing.


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