Addition by Subtraction (of social media, that is)

I fear that if you took away dragging men through the mud, cussing out friends and cursing friendships, or trying to make an ex jealous, there would be a large cross section of women with absolutely…nothing…to say on their social media.

I feel sad for that person being used solely for public revenge. I feel sad for intimate partners being publicly demonized. I feel sad for the children who will one day only have that digital footprint of their parent.

And why public? Why not handle extremely personal issues privately? Make you feel powerful? Last unaccountable word? Coward’s Revenge? It is not just the villains you disrespect this way, but yourself as well.

Why not speak about what and who you love, rather than what and who you hate. Is it really that uncomfortable a place to engage with others over positivity or personal reflection rather than disgust and hate? I just don’t get it when there are an endless amount of other topics and things that we should have going on in our lives.

I don’t miss, for one second, any of it. It has been such a healthy move to excuse myself from that toxic environment. I would highly recommend it to anyone for the sake of their mental health! I found out exactly what a huge trigger it was for me for depression, anxiety and negative thinking and I had to escape it. Everyone has seen the meme, “Just think, before social media, all of this stuff just stayed inside people’s heads.”!

Actually, though it may be a modern world blessing. It really takes the mystery away of what lies beneath. What you see is exactly what you get.

Buyer Beware.



  1. I prefer to stay away from social media. The desire for revenge can be scary. There’s a guy who lives in my area who has a revenge site that includes dirty pictures. He keeps getting sent to jail for it, but because the site is hosted in another country, the courts can’t force it to be taken down. He’s openly said they can send him to jail as much as they want, but he’s not taking the site down. Scary stuff.

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