What Really Drives our “Destiny”?

I’m not in a position to say what’s “true” here and what is not. Obviously, there’s no authority that I have but I will say that I don’t believe in destiny in the sense that it cannot be changed. It is easy in the, wherever you go, there you are, sense to say that what happens or has happened is/was destiny and assign all previous events to that destiny. Done and done. Right?

Well, no. In a belief and spiritual aspect, can we ever say that an event attributed to that perceived destiny, or was it the fact that you didn’t engage in that event that was the destiny?

It can be altered. It can be changed. Yet, we call it out with the encompassing term destiny. It may in fact just be a comfort we provide ourselves to label our choices. Or explain away why something went awry or why something ended or didn’t work. “It just wasn’t destined to be.” A way to justify not being accountable for the far more important thing…personal choice and action.

Whatever gets you through the night, I guess.

The short version would be, no. I don’t believe in destiny. I believe every single day is a chance to change your life if you choose, reinvent yourself, start new. Change that outcome.

Personal choice and action.

Though, I don’t believe in destiny in many aspects, in a sense, this quotation rings true from beginning to end regardless of me picking apart that last line.

It means we are in control.

Of where we are going. Who we surround ourselves with. Who attracts to us. The energy we spread. The vibe we give. What we will do. What we won’t. Whether we are a positive or negative presence, et cetera. I could continue.

There is no greater factor in determining your future than your personal choice and action.


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